Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Deuteronomy 27 Haiku

Uncut stones, plaster,
wind, rain and raging time
shaped Ebal altar.

No iron tools, uncut
stones on the slopes of Ebal.
Unmade salvation.

"Salvation is work
performed by our God alone,"
said the Ebal stones.

Plaster, writ plainly,
across the face of Ebal.
Words of law on rock.

Keep away iron tool,
refined and designed by men,
from God's salvation.

True revelation
copied by men on rough stones.
Mercy in plaster.

Levites called curses
to tribes on tall Gerizim.
People said, "Amen."

Uncut Ebal stones,
signposts to all Israel --
blessings or curses.

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